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We are thrilled to present to you our selection of wonderful organic A2 milk and milk products! Our mission is to provide you with top-quality natural dairy products that not only awaken your taste buds but offer a plethora of health benefits too. Our A2 milk is sourced from cows that are extensively tested to ensure they only contain the A2 beta-casein protein, which makes it much easier to digest and perfect for individuals with dairy sensitivity. Whether you want to drink, cook or bake with our organic A2 milk, or prefer enriching your favourite recipes using our range of dairy products that include butter, cheese, yogurt, and more, we assure you a pure and wholesome experience as we never add any preservatives or artificial additives. By preferring our organic A2 milk and milk products, you will join us in supporting ethical and sustainable farming practices, promoting both animal well-being and producing high-quality dairy products. Start this amazing experience by trying our products today and let us delight you with the wonderful taste and health benefits of organic A2 milk!

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Gausaahi boasts a herd of A2 cows that are fed with the finest quality of organic feed and treated with utmost care and attention

Organic Ghee

Gausaahi's ghee is made from the milk of desi (indigenous) cows, known for their high-quality milk production.

Fresh Paneer

Paneer made from A2 milk may be considered more nutrient-rich and healthier

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Customers Reviews

I love this Gausaahi's A2 cow milk and ghee. Switching to this milk has reduced my bloating. The ghee has a rich flavor, great for cooking and baking. Highly recommend for anyone wanting a healthier dairy option.

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It tastes great and is healthier and easier to digest. The milk is creamy and the ghee has a rich flavor and lovely aroma. These products have improved my health and I highly recommend them.
Aman Chhabra
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